Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Summer project

I found it quite difficult to think of ways of interpreting this brief, thinking of ways to draw your name, age, backround, education etc without being cliched or too literal. I decided to use symbolism in some of them but most ended up being drawings of things that have happened to me or memories relating to each of the words on the list, taking a more light hearted, comical approach.

even though we only had to do 25 drawings, i found it harder than doing,say 100-200 observational drawings- which you can just churn out, whereas with these drawings you had to think about what each one says about you as they were going to be used to 'introduce ourselves' in the first week. So there was added pressure i think, as i thought they might shape peoples first impressions of you and your work. Turns out the presentation wasnt as formal/nervewracking as i thought it would be and it was more of an 'ice breaking' project.

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