Sunday, 21 February 2010

Object 3

I wasnt happy with the spaceship story, it wasnt very interesting to draw and it was hard to draw it in a sequence as each scene looks quite similar. i also think that, visualy, it didnt reflect my earlier drawings/research that were all quite surreal.
i decided i wanted to redo the final sequence, based on the designer David Mellor.
As he designed so many different everyday things, i started thinking of doing a story about a mad scientist and inventor..'a jack of all trades master of none'.

This inventor lives shut away in his factory, willy wonka style. He runs a monopoly on the neighbouring village as he invents everything from their cutlery to their traffic lights, problem is he is distracted easily by new inventions and so nothing is ever made properly.

He has an army of cowboy builders, who keep the villagers awake..constantly building new things and tearing down the old. After a while the villagers start to go mad through lack of sleep ..the inventor is chased out of his factory by an angry mob..ending up with his head on a piece of his badly made oversized cutlery. How i got all this from a bus shelter..i dont know.

In the year the bus shelter was invented by David Mellor,(i think it was 1969..cant really remember..i didnt write it down stupidly) the soviet union sent a spacecraft to take photographs of the dark side of the moon, they also sent another one to land on the moon..but instead it crashed into it. i decided to combine these two stories and show an astronaut going into space to take photos of the moon, like a tourist, but he forgets to attatch himself to his rocket..that floats off into the moon and explodes. But i hated this story.

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