Sunday, 21 February 2010

Object 1 & 2

I was ill for the majority of the object project, and so i missed quite alot of the briefs and crits, so i was a bit confused about it all..even looking back over it now, i still dont really know what i was doing! My 'chair' was a bus stop bench. In part one i focused more on the people at the bus stop outside my window rather than on the bench itself, creating characters and scenarios from the people i could see . After that i looked into the bus shelters history..who designed it, where is it made etc, and began focusing more on the designer David Mellor, who also designed traffic lights, cutlery, chairs and post boxes.
i tried to be a bit more experimental with mark making, and i think my focus was on this rather than its content..its a bit all over the place.

For these drawings i used ink, pen and chalk.

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