Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cecil Beaton

These photographs by Cecil Beaton definitely influenced my narrative sequence project slightly in terms of the way my characters ( the human ones!) looked, and also influenced the final outcome of my poster project.
I first came across these photographs when i was watching a documentary on the 'bright young people' of the 1920's and 30's - the first generation of people who were famous for being famous.
Cecil Beaton photographed many of them, he was fascinated by their extravagance and excess..alot of them made their money by selling stories to newspapers about what went on at their infamous parties. The public turned on the bright young people during the depression in the 1930's, they were no longer interested in their glamorous, expensive lifestyle and so they faded away from the public eye- most of them eventualy drank themselves to death.
One of these 'bright young people' was Gwili Andre (top photograph) she was an aspiring Danish actress who achieved brief recognition in hollywood, however her career never really took off, for years she tried to make a comeback but was drinking excessively and losing her looks.
When she realised her career was over, she gathered all her press clippings and photographs- reminders of what her career briefly was and what could have been- and set fire to them and to herself, commiting suicide at 51.

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