Monday, 22 February 2010

1 Minute film.

I was in a group with Shauna, Esther, Eun and Tchie. We wanted the film to be quite abstract and dark and i think we managed to achieve this. Originaly i had wanted to have a short stop motion animation within the film of my eyes reflected in a kaleidoscope way and to have my eyes moving around the screen, however it didnt really work out as it is too small a movement to notice and so put together the pictures just looked like a load of stills. In the end we decided to have the photographs dropped into the other animations, flashing on screen quickly so that you might not notice it the first time you watch it- looking at the idea of subliminal messages, and also it was a nice way to have a reoccuring theme even though it went wrong, i think it looks quite effective. Im really happy with the final film and i think our group worked really well together, and we all had a chance to put ideas in and we experimented different techniques and ways of filming.

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