Monday, 22 February 2010


1 Minute film.

I was in a group with Shauna, Esther, Eun and Tchie. We wanted the film to be quite abstract and dark and i think we managed to achieve this. Originaly i had wanted to have a short stop motion animation within the film of my eyes reflected in a kaleidoscope way and to have my eyes moving around the screen, however it didnt really work out as it is too small a movement to notice and so put together the pictures just looked like a load of stills. In the end we decided to have the photographs dropped into the other animations, flashing on screen quickly so that you might not notice it the first time you watch it- looking at the idea of subliminal messages, and also it was a nice way to have a reoccuring theme even though it went wrong, i think it looks quite effective. Im really happy with the final film and i think our group worked really well together, and we all had a chance to put ideas in and we experimented different techniques and ways of filming.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Author sketchbook

I started thinking using collage in this sketchbook, using the photographs i took in ireland and contrasting them with images from my own house. I had a lot of religious imagery, which got me thinking about the role it plays in my life, im not at all religious, but coming from an Irish catholic family were the older generation are, there are reminders of it everywhere.

I took the photograph of the religious statue thats lost its head..and replaced it with mickey mouse style ears and eyes, playing with the idea of being a fraud in regards to religion, and with objects being there just for show.
I also scanned in images from childhood books and games and collaged them together to make new pictures from what is, to me, already familiar imagery.


I had to go over to Ireland to visit family at the begining of the Author project, I decided to go up in the attic at my grandads house as i used to go up there when i was younger, and its completely filled with stuff, its like a time capsule up there as he keeps everything. i found some old photographs and cameras which im trying to find film for. These are just a few pictures i took in his house/the garden (Theres even a barbie, in a shopping basket, hanging off a swing???)

Object 3

I wasnt happy with the spaceship story, it wasnt very interesting to draw and it was hard to draw it in a sequence as each scene looks quite similar. i also think that, visualy, it didnt reflect my earlier drawings/research that were all quite surreal.
i decided i wanted to redo the final sequence, based on the designer David Mellor.
As he designed so many different everyday things, i started thinking of doing a story about a mad scientist and inventor..'a jack of all trades master of none'.

This inventor lives shut away in his factory, willy wonka style. He runs a monopoly on the neighbouring village as he invents everything from their cutlery to their traffic lights, problem is he is distracted easily by new inventions and so nothing is ever made properly.

He has an army of cowboy builders, who keep the villagers awake..constantly building new things and tearing down the old. After a while the villagers start to go mad through lack of sleep ..the inventor is chased out of his factory by an angry mob..ending up with his head on a piece of his badly made oversized cutlery. How i got all this from a bus shelter..i dont know.

In the year the bus shelter was invented by David Mellor,(i think it was 1969..cant really remember..i didnt write it down stupidly) the soviet union sent a spacecraft to take photographs of the dark side of the moon, they also sent another one to land on the moon..but instead it crashed into it. i decided to combine these two stories and show an astronaut going into space to take photos of the moon, like a tourist, but he forgets to attatch himself to his rocket..that floats off into the moon and explodes. But i hated this story.

Object 1 & 2

I was ill for the majority of the object project, and so i missed quite alot of the briefs and crits, so i was a bit confused about it all..even looking back over it now, i still dont really know what i was doing! My 'chair' was a bus stop bench. In part one i focused more on the people at the bus stop outside my window rather than on the bench itself, creating characters and scenarios from the people i could see . After that i looked into the bus shelters history..who designed it, where is it made etc, and began focusing more on the designer David Mellor, who also designed traffic lights, cutlery, chairs and post boxes.
i tried to be a bit more experimental with mark making, and i think my focus was on this rather than its content..its a bit all over the place.

For these drawings i used ink, pen and chalk.