Sunday, 22 November 2009


I found the John Soanes Museum really interesting to look at but for some reason i didnt really enjoy drawing anything in there.
At first i couldnt work out why because there were loads of objects, statues and furniture that i really liked but i was finding them a bit of a chore to draw, but then when we were looking at everyones work afterwards it turned out a lot of people felt the same and someone said that although the objects were really beautiful, they were made to be decorative and so were already a piece of art and so drawing them was like doing a drawing of a painting.

I think thats why i preferred the Hunterian musuem - along with morbid curiosity.

Drawing in the Hunterian was more like life drawing as you could focus on creating your own drawing/image rather than copying a pre exsisting one.
I also really enjoyed the Exquisite bodies exhibition and found the models of the embryos and embryo faces at various stages really good to draw as they looked so inhuman - more like vegetable roots/rocks/aliens, i also found the use of religious imagery in the medical models interesting. There were a few small models in frames of a a woman giving birth, and the woman is made to look like the virgin Mary, looking strangely calm, as to have it any other way at the time would have been seen to be obscene or inappropriate.

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