Monday, 7 September 2009

Tracey Emin

When looking at Tracey Emins work you feel as though you are invading her privacy, as though you have come across a diary and you shouldnt really be looking.

Often her drawings are not observational but from memory, trying to recreate an earlier experience - as with her 1990 abortion drawings, saying that she wanted to try and draw what an abortion felt like. I think this is really interesting, rather than drawing what she can see she ''records the moment'' saying that "the emotion pulls the drawing out of my hand".

What i like about her drawings is how spontaineous they look and how some often look unfinished, It would be hard to work out what some drawings were of or about without reading the title, but i think it is this quality that makes them so appealing. In most of her installation work and photography it seems Emin is brutally honest, allowing the viewer into the most personal and private aspects of her life, whereas in her drawings, it isnt immediately obvious.

Emin has said of her drawing 'If i could just go back and start again' (1995) that
"It makes me want to jump into to the paper, grab hold of the girl - who is me - and shake her and tell her everythings going to be alright ... Maybe some drawings exsisted before they were actually made, and they just float around like ghosts waiting to appear on paper."

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