Wednesday, 2 September 2009

J. Howard Miller

I first seen the ww2 propaganda posters in history class at school, i always liked them for their aesthetic value but it was only when i started to learn more about them that i realised that propaganda is essentially advertising - instead of advertising a product it is advertising a lifestyle or way of thinking. It amazed me how an image could be so powerful and influentual , As with this image encouraging women to take on a more masculine role, to work outside of the home and become more independent during the war.

It seemed for a short time that this new found independence would liberate women from traditional values. With new found wealth after the war there was a demand for new technology in the home and so therefore it was in the economies interest to reinforce the idea of the perfect housewife through advertising campaigns aimed at women.

This image by illustrator J. Howard Miller is probably one of the most well known propaganda posters but i think it sums up the governments brief turn around in traditional values and ideals during the war and so it is, for me, one of the most powerful images of that period as it represents a shift in society.

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