Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Jeff Koons

I recently came across an interview with Jeff Koons in Time Out, which focused mainly on his photographic work. In this interview he is asked how he feels when someone 'Doesn't get' his work, he says he feels like he's lost that person and that "We all have the same pleasures and desires, i just think that some people are more protective and shelter themselves from their own experiences".

It is this openess and honesty within his work that, like Emin's, leads to it often being seen as crude or irrelevant. Where Emin's work is highly personal in the way of revealing painful memories and sharing her inner most thoughts, Koons seems to want to display phsyical intimacy, detatched from emotion, where there are elaborate props and costumes and the viewer is invited into a fantasy - such as the many images of Koons and his ex wife Ilona having sex.

What i like about 'Girl with Dolphin and Monkey' (2006) is that it is not so much what is going on in the photograph but more about what is in it. Koons has said that he never chooses an object to work with, saying that it 'confronts him' and that he is affected by it - that the context for that object is created simultaneously and never created artificially.

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