Thursday, 3 September 2009

Helter skelter

Alan Aldridge's work has changed in both style and purpose throughout the years, being shaped and influenced by popular culture. His work is entwined with his personal life taking inspiration from others and using his own experiences to to create surreal images that seem to define an era.

it would be reasonable to believe that Alan Aldridge has been influenced by Salvador Dali's 'Dream of Venus' where the body is used as a canvas, taking it from its natural form to a surreal representation of a story or in Aldridge's case - lyrics.

I came across this image when reading Aldridge's biography ' The man with the Kaleidoscope eye', it was part of the Beatles illustrated lyrics. It is said that it was at this point, embracing popular culture and the 'free love' mentality of the time, that Aldridge moved from a 'surrealistic style to a more psychadelic one' .

He has used a naked woman and combined the human form with a plastic looking helter skelter, reminiscent of his earlier 'Chelsea girls' poster for Andy Warhol.
Aldridge has made it look as though the Helter skelter is not merely placed on to the woman, but that it is part of her body, her skin is an unatural muted shade and her features exaggerated in technicolour.

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